Wool Cloths & Felts
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Wool Cloths, Felts and Punchings for Actions of
Early Keyboard Instruments
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Wool Cloths
1.4" wool cloth for back rail and jack rail, green, scarlet and dark green
1/8" action cloth, for key ends, balance rail etc., green and white
1/16" wool cloth for dampers, bushings and multi-layer applications, scarlet and white
Wool Felts
Nameboard Felt used also for listing cloth, brown, white, scarlet and maroon
Scarlet felt for buff stops etc, thick, medium and thin
Wool Punchings
Balance Rail Punchings with center hole for various pins, white and scarlet,
Tuning Pin washers to mark c's or a's
Front Rail Punchings in green
Oval Punchings for capping damper jacks, made of cloth or leather
Regulating Punchings (no center hole) for various points of the action
Front and Balance Rail Paper Punchings for regulating keys
Cotton stringing braid, listing cloth
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