Bushing Leather

Tan Bushing Leather - a very supple thin leather for tongues of harpsichord jacks to prevent a clicking noise. Also useful in some early piano actions for the same purpose. Thickness is between 0.4mm (thin) to 0.5mm (medium). The skins sold by the sq ft range from thin to medium.

Pig Skin - available in tan with a smooth surface and black with a textured surface. The tan skins are useful for bushing key buttons, The textured black skins make good toppings for jack registers in harpsichords and damper rails in fortepianos. Thickness is about 0.7mm (black) to 1mm (tan). 

See also Punchings and Strips for full length strips.

Sample Pack - Assorted pieces of each of the above, 1/8 sq ft

Product list and prices will be posted here soon!