Deer Skin

Deer Skin - the hide of American deer including the skin, but not the hair. It comes in gold, tan or brown colors as available. Soft Deer Skin - chemically tanned by contemporary methods. We select prime grade with a fine grain. This leather stretches in only one direction. It is suitable for the top layer on hammerheads over one or several layers of firmer kid skin (goat skin). 1.25mm to 2mm thick.

Special Deer Skin - stretched and specially treated deer skin by a proprietary method, which removes most of the stretch and gives the skin a firmer consistency. 1mm to 1.75mm thick

Vege-Tanned Deer Skin - tanned by an age old method, natural non-dyed. This would be the type of leather used in fortepianos of the early 18th century. Similar consistency as the Special Deer Skin, 1mm to 1.75mm thick

Splits - from vege-tanned deer skin, about 1mm thick, natural. (Not shown)

Random Pieces - A package has remnant pieces from each of the above. (Not Shown).

Product numbers and prices will be posted soon!