Goat Skin

Goat skin is the toughest of all the skins we carry.

Vege-Tanned Goat Skin - tanned by an age old method. This would be one of the type of leathers used in fortepianos of the early 18th century. Available in natural (1mm to 1.5mm thick), tan and black (.8mm to 1mm thick)

Kid Skin - skin of a young goat, available in black, and gold/tan. It is conventionally tanned. About 1mm to 1.5mm thick.

Random Pieces - A package has remnant pieces from each of the above. (Not shown) For punchings (to cap damper jacks) and strips (to cover jack rails) and special dyed (red) goat skin see the section on punchings and strips.

For goat parchment, see the section on Parchment.

Product list and prices will be posted soon!