Parchment is untanned animal hide that has been cleaned of hair and flesh in a lime solution, then rinsed and dried under tension. Typical hides that lend themselves for high quality parchment come from goats, sheep, deer and calves. Goat parchment has been the most common in the 19th century, used for documents and book binding, because of its durability. It was probably also the material of choice in fortepiano actions for the same reason. We offer all of the above mentioned parchments in small sizes for making Italian parchment roses, and goat parchment in various thicknesses for escapement lever hinges.

17913 Goat Parchment for Escapement Levers - a pack of small remnant pieces, about 1/3 sqft, more than enough to (re-)do a set of escapement levers. Specify #17913A for thin (.008"-.009") #17913B for medium (.010"-.012") #17913C for thick (.012"-.015")

Parchment for Italian Roses - Sheets are irregular in shape but will make a disk of 5" (large), 4.25" (medium), and 3.5" (small). Not all kinds available at all times, except for goat parchment. Specify M for any mix, matched from stock on hand by us G for goat (light tan) W for vellum (white) C for antique calf S for sheep D for deer

Note: A mix (as available) is priced the same as goat.

Product list and prices will be posted soon!