Sheep Skin

Sheep skin is softer and somewhat thicker than goat skin. It is therefore useful for padding and dampers. Hair has been removed, but not the outer skin, which is highly textured. 

Sheep Skin - soft brown conventionally tanned from wild tundra sheep, 1mm to 1.5mm thick.

Lamb Skin - black conventionally tanned from domestic stock, 0.8mm to 1.2mm thick

Sheep Skin - brown vegetable tanned. 1mm to 1.5mm thick.

Chamois - oil tanned sheep leather (skin removed), available in medium thick and thick. Thickness is about (medium thick) and 1.5mm (thick).

Random Pieces - A package has remnant pieces from each of the above. For vegetable tanned sheep parchment, see section on Parchment.

Product list and prices will be posted here soon!