Select from the following types of pins:

Zither/Dulcimer Tuning Pins

  • 5 mm Zither Pins for dulcimers, harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos
  • 5.3 mm Zither Pins as oversized pins
  • 5.6 mm zither pins for larger dulcimers, fortepianos, as oversized pins
  • 7 mm Piano/Dulcimer Tuning Pins for hungarian dulcimers, square pianos etc

Old Style Wrest Pins

  • Old style wrest pins with flattened tops
  • Plain or blued, tapered, cylindrical, or threaded
  • Iin diameters 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.2mm, 5mm, 5.5mm 6mm, 6.25mm
  • For clavichords, harpsichords, fortepianos and square pianos

Steel Pins

  • Hitch pins, balance rail pins, key pins: plain, blued, or nickle plated in diameters .072", .096", 1.25", 1.36"

Brass and Coppered Pins

  • Brass bridge and nut pins in diameters .040" and .050"; nickle silver axle pins, also used as bridge pins; coppered pins