Early Keyboard Instrument Plans and Patterns

This section of the site lists plans for early keyboard instruments available from The Instrument Workshop.

Other sources of plans of early keyboard instruments are available from some museums which have them in their collections. For instance, in Scotland the Friends of St. Cecilia's Museum website offers plans for several instruments in their collection. (Price list is on a separate page of their site.)

The following plans are available from The Instrument Workshop. Details and prices will be posted on this website soon. Until then, please contact us to order.


  • Medium Unfretted Clavichord
  • Large Unfretted Clavichord


  • Perticis Virginal

One Manual Harpsichords

  • Italian Harpsichord
  • Perticis Harpsichord
  • Italian Harpsichord FA 1677
  • Flemish Harpsichord
  • Ruckers One Manual
  • Clavicytherium and Harpsichord

Two Manual Harpsichords

  • Flemish Two Manual
  • Henry Hemsch Harpsichord
  • J.P. Bull Harpsichord
  • Francois Blanchet Harpsichord


  • Stein Fortepiano #1

Keyboard Layouts

  • Keyboard Layout, 6 15/62” per octave
  • Keyboard Layout, 6 1/4” per octave

Rose Patterns

  • Anonymous Harpsichord Rose
  • Rossi Rose
  • Anonymous Spinet
  • Rose Perticis Rose