Plectra & Jacks

We offer the Instrument Workshop's custom-molded Delrin® jack.

We also can provide the following plectra & materials:

Plectra Materials Properties
Discussion of properties of various materials used for plectra

Delrin/Celcon Sheets and Strips     
Delrin® and Celcon® in sheet form

Delrin/Celcon Pre-Cut Plectra
Delrin® and Celcon® pre-cut plectra

Plectra Dispensers
Plectra dispensers filled with pre-cut plectra (and without)

Leather and Leather Plectra
Leather material and pre-cut leather plectra

Birds' Quill     
Quill for making plectra

DELRIN® is a registered trademark of E.I du Pont de Nemours and Company.