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Medium Unfretted Clavichord Plan, C to d”’
Large Unfretted Clavichord Plan, FF to f”’

Clavichord Plans

Perticis Virginal C/E to c”’

Virginal Plans

Italian Harpsichord Plans (3)
Flemish Harpsichord Plans (2)

One Manual Harpsichords

The Instrument Workshop

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Phone: 541-552-0989

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This catalog page lists plans for early keyboard instruments available from The Instrument Workshop. Other sources of plans of early keyboard instruments in museums are available from such museums. These sources and their offerings can be viewed at the web site TECHNICAL DRAWINGS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.

Basic prices include shipping by surface mail to addresses in the USA (approximately 2 weeks). The second price column is cost of plans including surface shipping to foreign countries (about 6 weeks) and fast service in the USA (about 3 days, provided the plan is in stock). The last column lists price including airmail to foreign countries (about one week). All prices are net, no discounts available (except on parchment sheets). Plans are sent separately. There is a $5.00 handling charge on any order of plans (irrespective of total).

If you have built an instrument using one of our plans and have a good digital picture of it, we like to publish it with the listing of the plan. We would identify you as the builder thus giving you free publicity! If interested, please contact us.

Flemish Two Manual Harpsichord
Hemsch, Bull, Blanchet Harpsichord

Two Manual Harpsichords

Stein Fortepiano


Renaissance Positive Organ

Positive Organs

Patterns for Italian Parchment Roses
Finished Parchment Rose

Rose Patterns

Layouts for keyboards

Keyboard Layouts