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Brass, Phosphor Bronze and High Tensile Music and Piano Wire for Industrial and Professional Applications
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Wire for Industrial and Professional Applications
Supplied on Spools from 1/4 lb to 10 lb
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The Wire Place is operated by The Instrument Workshop
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Tin Music Wire 
Mapes Music Wire 
Roeslau Music Wire 
Piano Wire
Brass Wire
Phos Bronze Wire 
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Wire is available as    
  Spools of 1/4 lb and more
  Bulk Coils of 1 lb or more 
Select from the following   
Tinned Music Wire
An industrial quality tin coated music wire
Mapes Music Wire
A highly polished tripple tin plated music wire
Roeslau Music Wire
A highly polished non-coated music wire from Germany 
Piano Wire
Highly polished piano wire by Mapes and Roeslau
Brass Wire Spring brass wire alloy 26000 (70/30 brass)
Phosphor Bronze Wire
Phosphor bronze wire alloy 510
Wire and Strings
For smaller quantities of wire used in musical instruments
Small and Large Spools (right), Bulk Spools (left)
Small and large spools all use the same plastic spool with a 3.75 diameter core, 6.5 diameter flanges, and 1.5 traverse, with a bore of 5/8". We can put up to 3 lb on this spool.
Bulk spools are available for many wire types. They typically hold from 5 to 10 pounds of wire.
Bulk Coils of Wire
Bulk coils are available for some wire. Bulk coils are difficult to handle. If the wire shifts (especially for smaller diameter wire below .014), the wire may get tangled up. Bulk coils have a diameter from 6 to 18 depending on wire size. These coils are split from larger 25lb coils, so their weight varies, usually between 1 and 3 lb. You will be charged for the actual weight of the coil we ship. The coils are held together by 2 to 3 ties and are packaged in a plastic bag.

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