Specialty Tools
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Specialty tools for Keyboard Instruments and other non-bowed Stringed Instruments
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Tuning, Regulating &Voicing Tools 
Tuning Forks, Electronic Tuners, Tuning Wedges
Capstan Screw Regulator, Action Screw Drivers
Kapsel Spreader, Scalpel Handles and Blades
Felt Cutters and Mats,
Tuning Hammers and Tuning Keys
Wire Handling and Measuring Tools
Wire Dispenser, String Looping Tools
Micrometers and Calipers
Drill Bits, Cutters, Pin Setters & Punches
Drill Bits and Sets, Arcade Cutters
Pin Setters for Hitch and Tuning Pins
Round, Oval and Fingernail Punches
Files and Scrapers
Tools Home
Tuning Aids 
Regulating Tools 
Tuning Hammers 
Wire Handling
Measuring Tools
Drill Bits & Cutters 
Punches & Setters
Files & Scrapers
Tools Home Tuning/Regulating/Voicing Wire Handling/Measuring Drills, Cutters, Punches  
New Items or Special Pricing for Tools:
#80655 Micrometer/Caliper/Steel Rule Set in fitted plastic case   NEW
until 11/15/10
#80675 Set - Consisting of Electron Digital Micrometer (#80674) and
                      Electronic Digital Caliper (#80695)
until 11/15/10