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Digital Micrometers
8067 Mechanical Digital Micrometer
(China) in padded wooden or plastic  case, 0-1 in .001 increments, reads to .0001" on the barrel; hardened and ground spindle, carbide anvil.

80674 Electronic Digital Micrometer
(China) in padded case, battery included. Measures 0-1 in .00005 increments or 0-25 mm in increments of .001 mm. A push of a button switches between these modes. C2 carbide ground anvil and spindel.

80675 Set Electronic Digital Micrometer/Caliper
Set consisting of #80674 Electronic Digital Micrometer (above) and Electronic Digital Caliper #80695.

80699 Extra Battery for 80674

Digital Micrometers
Catalog No  Description   
Mechanical Digital Micrometer  
 #80674 Electronic Digital Micrometer (China)   NEW  
 #80675 Set Electronic Digital Micrometer/Caliper (China)   NEW SECIAL->  
NET $65.00
 #80699 Extra Battery for above  
New Items or Special Pricing for Tools:
#80655 Micrometer/Caliper/Steel Rule Set in fitted plastic case   NEW
until 11/15/10
#80675 Set - Consisting of Electron Digital Micrometer (#80674) and
                      Electronic Digital Caliper (#80695)
until 11/15/10