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8068 Dial Caliper 0-6
(China) in padded plastic case, .001 increments, stainless steel frame,  black or white dial, as available. If you want to use this instrument to measure wire diameters, it can be done if you proceed very gingerly when closing the jaws on the wire. The slightest pressure will cause a low reading.

80685  Dial Caliper, 0-150 mm
(China) in padded plastic case, .01 mm increments, otherwise similar to #8068

80655  Micrometer/Caliper/Steel Rule Set in plastic case 
Set consists of micrometer #8065, Dial Caliper #8068 (above), and a 6" Steel Rule, all in a fitted plastic case.



Catalog No  Description   
 #8068 Dial Caliper 0" - 6"  
 #80685 Dial Calipers 0 - 150 mm  
 #80655 NEW Micrometer/Caliper/Steel Rule Set  
Special until 11/15/10 $45.00
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New Items or Special Pricing for Tools:
#80655 Micrometer/Caliper/Steel Rule Set in fitted plastic case   NEW
until 11/15/10
#80675 Set - Consisting of Electron Digital Micrometer (#80674) and
                      Electronic Digital Caliper (#80695)
until 11/15/10