Mapes Music Wire - Technical Data
Mapes Music Wire is a tinned high carbon steel wire of high tensile strength and high elasticity, specially designed for use in musical instruments. It is also used in critical industrial applications. Mapes Music Wire is made in the US and is used by the finest guitar makers in the world.
Tin-coated high carbon steel wire (C  >.8%) of high elasticity, highly polished. Satisfies ASTM A228 standards.
Density:  7.85 g/cucm
Chemical Composition:
C (carbon) 0.8 to 0.9%, Si (silicon) 0.10 to 0.35%, Mn (manganese) 0 .40 to 1.00%
P (phosphor) <0.03%, S (sulfor) <0 .03%, Cu (copper) <0 .10%
Tensile Strength:
Diameters .008" - .020" (0.20 - 0,50mm):  380 - 420 KSI; ( N2700 - 2950)

Diameters: .008 (0.20mm), .009 (0.23mm), .010 (0.25mm), .011 (0.28mm), .012 (0.30mm), .013 (0.33mm), .014 (0.35mm), .016 (0.40mm), .018 (0.45mm), .020" (0,50mm), .022" (0,55mm), .024" (0,60mm), .026" (0,65mm)
For larger diameters see Mapes Gold Lable Piano Wire or Roeslau piano wire .
+/-.0002" (0,005mm) for diameters .< .016" (<0,40mm)
+/-.0003" (0,008mm) for diameters >=.016"
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