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Parts, plans and supplies for early keyboard instruments and other non-bowed stringed instruments
Wire and Strings
Wire and strings for Keyboard Instruments and other non-bowed Stringed Instruments
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Tin Music Wire 
Mapes Music Wire 
Roeslau Music Wire 
Mapes Piano Wire 
Roeslau Piano Wire 
Tin Harps Wire 
Voss Iron Wire 
Rose Harps Wire 
Rose Piano Wire 
Yellow Brass Wire 
Red Brass Wire 
Spring Brass Wire 
Phos Bronze Wire 
Wire is available as    
  Packages of individual Strings 
  Small or Large Coils up to 1/4 lb 
  Spools of 1/4 lb and more
  Bulk Coils of 1 lb or more 
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Select from the following   
Low Carbon Iron Wire 
Iron alloy wire of low carbon content and low tensile strength,
used mainly in early keyboard instruments:
Zuckerman Wire, Voss wire, Rose wire type A and B 
High Carbon Music/Piano Wire 
Iron alloy wire of high carbon content and high tensile strength,
used in most modern instruments:
Music and Piano Wire by Roeslau, Mapes, and other brands  
Copper Alloy Wire  Yellow and red brass wire, spring brass wire, phosphor bronze wire 
The Wire Place
Wire for Commercial/Industrial Applications:
Music Wire, Piano Wire, Yellow and Red Brass Wire,
Spring Brass Wire, Phosphor Bronze Wire

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